The Sanitizer That Doesn't
Dry Your Skin

Beautiful healthy Skin sanitizer lotion


Sanitation and skincare for humans of all shapes, colors and sizes.

The only product on the market that simultaneously sanitizes your skin while moisturizing and nurturing.

Clean, Healthy Skin

We take your skin seriously.

At a time where sanitation and cleanliness matters most, why not also take care of the quality and health of it, too? We aim at providing a sanitizing lotion designed to care for you skin like nothing else.


Eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contact.


Tone, heal, and prevent aging with the highest quality ingredients.


Moisturize at a level you never thought was possible, all in one lotion.


Our Product

We’ve adapted all natural bi-products of fermentation to create a lotion that does it all. Why spend money on several products when you can just use one?

"Every other sanitizing gel dries out my skin or leaves me smelling like alcohol. Virell has my skin feeling silky smooth and brand new."

Safe & Natural

Organically harvested, our ingredients come without harmful chemicals and agents that would damage the skin or the environment. We aim to provide a product that doesn’t have any con’s, only pro’s.

client comments

Happy words
from happy Customers


"I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I was skeptical to use Virell. I'm so happy to say that it was the best thing I've done for my skin. I'm happy, and so is it."

-Briana Davees, 36

"In all my years of skincare practices, I've never found anything like this. Thank you, Virell."

Dana Crofter, 76

"Most other lotions or sanitizers have weird fragrances, but Virell has a light, natural clean smell that makes me feel refreshed."

Keli Kwan, 25

"Skincare is just as important to men, and it's easier to say it's just a sanitizer when I know it's so much more."

Ben Richards, 41

Other Benefits

Re-Age & Tone

Our specialty serum also makes your skin look and feel younger, softer, strong, and tighter. All of the things you’d want for your skin wrapped in one.